10 Fourth of July Decor Ideas

July 1, 2014

Independence Day is only one-day long, but we think these Fourth of July decor ideas are good ideas for the whole summer. With the right placement, a nautical red, white, and blue theme can be appropriate for Independence Day as well as every hot day of the year. These are just a few of the designs we love so much we’ve incorporated them with our own office decor since they’re so perfect for Charleston and the sunny, coastal life we have year-round. We hope you get inspired, too. Happy 4th!

1. Blue glass bottle by Vietri: A glass bottle burst of color will really brighten up the room

2. Side table by Modern History: Perfect for your seaside knickknacks

3. Small crab by Go Home Ltd.: What’s not to love about this little guy?

4. Rock crystal candle holders by Go Home Ltd.: These simple beauties can really light up the porch or patio

5. Woven Basket by Serena and Lily: For your wet towels after a day in the water!

woven basket

6. Throw by Bedford Cottage: For getting cozy in the AC after a long day in the sun

7. Red Lamp by Lampworks: Adds a great pop of color, doesn’t it?

red lamp

8. Antique Fishing Reel by Acquisitions Ltd: What a great way to add neat nostalgia to the room.


9. Copper topped Coffee Table: This is a beautiful antique pub table from Acquisitions Ltd.

10. Fabrics: Finally, we sure do love a good and vibrant fabric. We think you’ll love these colors and patterns, too:

Fireworks by Hinson & Company

chair pillow

Rimba Ikat by Ralph Lauren, color: Indigo

ikat pillow

20956 by Duralee Fabrics, color: Persimmon

How will you decorate for the 4th of July?