3 Dining Room Chairs You’ll Love

June 25, 2014

Lorts is a furniture manufacturer that was founded in the Sixties in Phoenix, Arizona. With a focus on English and French country and Southwestern designs, Lorts continues to grow, and we at MDI love what they do: the clean lines, the comfort of their chairs, and their custom-made abilities.

Lorts can even do a combo painted and stained finish. We are truly impressed every day by what they put out, and that’s why we continue to use their products in our design. We are particularly fond of their incredibly comfortable dining chairs: winners every time. Here’s how we’ve used them in the past, so maybe you can pick up some inspiration in these 3 Dining Room Chairs You’ll Love.

1. This example comes from a client who wanted large-scale dining chairs that one could linger in over a long meal, using all arms for extra comfort and lounging. When you think of the memories that can be made at a table, you realize the importance of such comfort: laughing long after the wine is gone, sipping coffee during the gradual disappearance of dessert. Can you picture it?

2. This example is one of the few dining chairs we have found that has a minimal back, is wooden, and is still amazingly comfortable! We like it because it kind of disappears.
Transitional Dining Room by Charleston Interior Designers & Decorators Margaret Donaldson Interiors


Here’s a painted version of the same chair we love so much and use quite often in one form or another.
3. Here’s another favorite of ours that offers a sophisticated yet playful feel in its subtle checkerboard/chessboard pattern. Isn’t it handsome?

What characteristics do you love in a dining chair?