5 Back to School Home Organization Tips

September 5, 2014

Need some back-to-school home organization tips? Of course, you do. From homework havens to chalkboards to mudroom cubbyholes, here’s how to keep the kids and house in order.

Backpack Stations

The key to a stress-free home during the school year is to have a hallway or mudroom backpack station. Whether you’re utilizing a locker system, cubbyholes, or hooks, it’s important to organize each child’s necessities so you’re not scrambling to find a tiny shoe at the last minute. And you certainly don’t want to send your kid to class with the wrong day’s homework (guilty), or without a playtime snack (oops!). Try out all or a couple of these designs to see what works with your space.


Avoid stumbling over bags that have been strewn on the floor and get each kid a backpack hook! It works not only for book bags but also coats and scarves.


Is Julie going to piano today? Or is it ballet class? Or is it the day she has to do that science project, or was it a history essay? Keep the chaos in your head at bay with a calendar for each child. Why not create one with a chalkboard? There are so many different ways you can do it!


Mudroom Cubbies / Lockers

Cubbyholes are great for keeping everything in one faithful spot, from shoes to supplies to accessories, like gloves. Incorporating the cubbyholes and locker-type space, this design has plenty of room to store the things that would otherwise become mountains of stuff in the house! Keep it neat with hooks, cubbies, AND locker-type space.


Covered locker spaces hide the chaos a little better. Doors and drawers do the trick nicely. We found this example on Houzz, and we love the way they’ve included bulletin board on the cupboard doors.


This sweet-and-neat example of a DIY chalkboard addition to the school station came from ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com. We love the rustic charm it adds.

Homework haven station

We’ve all heard the rule about keeping work done at home inside the home office, right? When I step into my home office, the work hat is instantly on. It’s a good habit to keep the kitchen or dining room table sacred if you can. Why not apply the rule to kids, too? Give them even more inspiration by turning the designated homework station into a homework haven. Paint and decorate according to what your kids love, and you’ll be surprised at how much they’ll accomplish because they love being there in that creative space. We love this example from the Moms4Real blog.

What will you do to ease the strain of the school year?