5 Interior Design Trends We Saw at Charleston Fashion Week

March 22, 2018

MDI’s Beth Black had a great time hanging out at Charleston Fashion Week this year. Held every spring in Marion Square, Charleston Fashion week showcases emerging designers as well as nationally recognized designers. Runway events and parties are glamorous – Charleston style.

Beth returned from Charleston Fashion Week exhausted but energized by the fresh takes on fabrics and textures. We took her photos and headed straight to our textile library to coordinate runway trends with interior design trends.

Here are Beth’s five fashion trends that intersect with interior design trends this year:


Stripes are defining fashion this spring. Uniform or mixed-width stripes with a dash of pattern (floral, geometric, lattice), were a big hit on the runway last week. At home, translate this trend to your favorite version of stripe: vertical, horizontal, pinstripe, or even diagonal stripes add visual energy to a room.


Polka Dots

Polka dots are timeless. In fact, designer Marc Jacobs said “There is never a wrong time for a polka dot.” Polka dots harken to the elegance of the 1950’s when fashion was playful and extra-feminine. Add whimsy and style with large polka dots in interiors, or go for more subtle undertones with microdots. Black and white are classic, but anything goes with colored dots too.

Beth’s daughter, Eliza Black, models the fun polka dot trend.


Sheer dresses, jackets, and capes are this season’s invitation to be unique and creative. On the runway, sheer dresses were worn over bold patterns – giving a sophisticated overlay to boisterous designs. In your home, sheer textiles can do one of two things: used alone they can lighten up a space. Feel free to tuck away your heavy curtains or drapes this spring and summer and just use sheers.


Runway models looked stunning in monochromatic palette this season. Monochromatic outfits featured separate pieces in one color – but with varying shades and textures. The trick to pulling off monochromatic interiors is lots of layers (so your interior doesn’t end up looking sterile or kitschy).

Tropical Leaves/Floral

Big leaf prints, large flowers, anything bold and exotic is the energizing motif for 2018. Integrate this trend in your home with textiles that remind you of vacation. You can stick with a green and white palette or go big with bright colors and bold patterns.

Despite the chilly temps, spring is officially here. If you’re craving a change in your interiors, we can help. Check out our portfolio page for inspiration, or make an appointment to visit our design studio.