An Award-Winning Home

November 25, 2020

Last month we were honored with four ASID awards for three of our recent homes. The ASID Excellence in Design Awards highlights projects about the Carolinas Chapter of ASID that successfully address client objectives, demonstrate creativity, and skillfully solve problems in interior design.


2nd Place – Vacation / Secondary Home (whole house)

Our clients have four adult children, a posse of grandchildren, and an open-door policy to their large extended family. The goal of this project was to create a home that was user friendly, low maintenance, durable, welcoming, and beautiful. From practical experiments such as drawing with various marker, pen, and crayon on samples of different paint sheens and qualities to see which held up best after cleaning, to preventative measures such as stain treatments and indoor outdoor textiles on all upholstery, our design team went the extra mile to create a home that fulfilled the client’s expectations.

The clients provided us with a 7-page document addressing their needs, desires, lifestyle, and vision for this project. One of the important pieces for them was the puzzle table. This piece was to serve dual purpose as a sofa table and needed to fit the space when closed or in use. We had one of our North Carolina manufacturers create this piece to fit our very specific needs including shelving below, fully supported leaves, and a flush top when open.

Function was the ruler of the day for this client. We made strategic decisions that married form and function to create the design. Creating spaces for multiple groups (and age groups) to relax and enjoy downtime was key to the success of the home’s design. As such, the home includes multiple living and dining areas, indoors and out, that allow groups of various sizes to gather comfortably. Another key feature for the clients was including private bathrooms for all the bedrooms in the home. It was of upmost importance that each bedroom had a beautifully appointed ensuite bathroom to match.

These clients were so practical that we often would need to chase down the perfect source for very specific items or have them custom made to fit the needs of the client.

An example of this was the puzzle table in the living room. The client wanted a very specific shape and size to include storage and a lower shelf to store puzzles. The piece needed to feel substantial and to fit in with the style of the main living room. We had this table custom made of walnut and stained in a rich, deep brown tone. The function of this piece was planned for ease of use and durability.

The client’s goal was to create a home that would be a comfortable, welcoming, and user-friendly environment that welcomed their family for years to come. The house has a revolving door in the summer and is packed with family and friends.

We loved working on this project and were honored to receive the ASID award. See more of this beautiful home on our portfolio page.