Around Our Interior Design Studio At 1557 Meeting Street- Charleston, SC

September 5, 2013

MDI’s interior design studio happily resides at 1557 Meeting Street in Charleston, SC. From the outside, the building appears pretty standard issue with a little bit of a modern flair.  But on the inside, that’s where the real interior design work happens. Here are some snapshots of the goings on this week.

Up top are some wonderful new jars that have been added to our inventory. Alone or in a series, filled with some palm fronds or empty…these jars are a go to accessory for MDI. The final layer of designing a project is what really makes the project feel finished and personal.

Below, Elisabeth has been busily working at her desk in the front of the interior design studio. These CAD drawings are for the new Ashley Hall project that we are working on.

Charleston, SC Interior Design

Next, Elisabeth gets the fun task of checking in the new inventory. MDI is always snatching up great finds whether at market or around town so that we will have them on hand when needed.  We will show up at a client’s house with a car full of options.  It is always better to have more options. The sunburst mirror and glass lamp are just awaiting the perfect home.  The dough bowl on the floor is filled with Japanese fishing floats. A dough bowl is one of the most versatile accessories in our Lowcountry designs.

Some great new carpets from Stark Carpet.  Your floor covering is just as important as the furniture that you put on top of it.  It grounds your room and sets the framework for the entire design. Covering up your floors also helps to make the hardwoods shine. Much like framing a piece of art shows it off more.

Stark Carpet- Charleston, SC

The white slipcovered sofa in the front of our design studio serves as an ever changing vignette. We will stage it with new inventory, use it to lay out a fabric scheme for a client or just design it to brighten our day. Doesn’t this little scenario make you crave a bit of fall? We would take that pom pom throw in each and every color.

Slipcovered Sofa- Margaret Donaldson Interiors

Some new fabrics from Stark and Old World Weavers…do you see anything that strikes your fancy? Often times, clients fall in love with a fabric that then kicks off an entire design. It doesn’t hurt that we always have new fabrics lying around, just waiting to be hung up.

Last but not least, Margaret is loaded down and headed out the door to an appointment. Interior design isn’t always glamorous. It takes a lot heave hoe to get all of those samples and accessories to our clients’ homes.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this day in the life of MDI…more insider shots next week.