Art and Interior Design Go Hand in Hand

August 10, 2015
Incorporating Art and Interior Design

Art and interior design go hand in hand. If  you’re wondering how to incorporate an eclectic art collection into your interior design, just take a look at Margaret’s house for inspiration. Margaret and her husband Rob have been collecting original art for more than thirty years. A few years ago, the Donaldson’s moved to Rob’s family home in Mount Pleasant’s Old Village. The unique historic house  was built by her husband’s ancestors and overlooks the Charleston Harbor. Margaret loves living in a historic home but never thinks twice about mixing her eclectic art collection with other things that she loves.

Margaret’s advice for building an art collection and incorporating it into your interior design? Buy what speaks to you and don’t worry about trends. Your art will become part of the personality of your home, so don’t worry about sticking to a style or genre. Recently Margaret and her husband took a trip to San Francisco and Sausalito and enjoyed checking out the West Coast art scene. Here’s inspiration from her trip:

art and interior design
Scott Hanson, 48 Plates, 40″ x 60″ x 2″, Lead, Plates, Steel

  “I loved this piece from the Hanson Art Gallery in Sausalito. There are a lot of more affordable versions of this out there, but this one is put together like a stained glass window with each state separated by lead dividers. Gorgeous.” See more of Scott’s work here.

art and interior design
Francesco Pelleschi, Autumn Song, 35.5” x 47”, oil on canvas

At the Galerie Elektra in Sausalito we saw the work of this artist, Francesco Pelleschi. He has a unique technique, which you can read about online. We were very tempted by one of his pieces!” See more of Fancesco’s work here.

art and interior design
Pat Hobaugh, The first iPad, 24” x 24”, oil and latex on canvas

 “We saw the work of Pat Hobaugh at Gallery 444 on Post Street in San Francisco.  It was really cool…a play on apples…all of his work is very interesting.” See more of Pat’s work here.

If you’re an art lover – buy the art you love and don’t be afraid to hang it in unexpected places. Enjoy your art and your home will take on more of what makes you unique.