Ashley Hall Renovation Project

February 18, 2019

Ashley Hall, Charleston’s all-girls day school, has been a beloved part of Charleston’s history for more than a hundred years. Our founder, Margaret, grew up in Charleston and attended Ashley Hall from grades 9 – 12. We were pleased and proud to be the interior designer for the Warren Street House, part of Ashley Hall’s “From Here to There” renovation program.

“When Jill Muti called and asked for MDI’s help with this project, I had to say YES,” Margaret says. “Jill is such an inspiring advocate for continually improving the opportunities for the girls at Ashley Hall and renovating an historic home to provide more space was part of the vision.  MDI had the privilege of working on the Global Studies house several years ago, so this was a natural continuation of a way to support my alma mater.” 

Warren Street House adds nearly 6,000 square feet of much-needed space to the campus. There are four classrooms in the building, and it was a fun creative challenge to choose desks for the spaces. Two of the classrooms have Harkness tables, one has modular desks and the other has vintage wooden desks that are attached to chairs.

“I really enjoyed working with the Ashley Hall team to renovate this historic house in the heart of downtown Charleston,” Alexis says.  “We worked closely with professionals from Evans & Schmidt, Trident Construction and the Ashley Hall Board of Trustees to create a truly special environment the fosters learning in a unique environment. As a woman and mother of a young girl, I am excited to help Ashley Hall in their vision for girls of the 21st century and beyond.”