Tips for Creating Your Own At-Home Dog Washing Station

Hi! It’s Abby, MDI’s resident Golden Retriever. You may have noticed we had a little bit of rain in Charleston this weekend. There were lots of gooey mud puddles to play in outside my house and my friend Tiller and I sure had fun getting dirty. But you know what they say: “It’s all fun and games until somebody has to have a bath.” If you have a dog, you’re familiar with the natural law that requires dogs to roll in anything dirty or smelly within a five-mile radius, especially if the dog in question has been freshly groomed. We can’t help it – it’s science. Smart dog owners are now incorporating dog-washing stations in mudrooms, laundry rooms, garages or even outside. Dog parents like washing stations because it keeps the house cleaner and we like them because it keeps us from getting sprayed down with cold water from the hose. No thanks!

If you’ve got a dirty dog, here are some tips for creating your own at-home washing station:


Josh Wynn Construction

Parents of small dogs can just install a utility sink and a commercial sprayer in a laundry, mudroom or garage. These can take up as little as two square feet. Place the tub at waist height so you don’t strain your back lifting little Fang in and out of the tub. Before you install the sink, consider tiling the wall behind for easy clean up after the inevitable shake. If you have a large dog, you can still build a dog wash in a relatively small area. A tiled dog shower can be as small as 18”x 24” x 48” with a low curb so your dog can walk in.

Dog Washing Station for Big Dogs

Morning Star Builders

Whether you carve out a washing station in an unused corner or build a luxurious dog spa, have your plumber install both hot and cold water. Dogs like water between 70 and 80 degrees, so installing a hot water thermostat will keep bath water consistent. Include a non-standard 3-inch drain with a hair filter, a handheld sprayer with a long hose, a shelf for supplies, and an overhead or extendable drying rack for wet towels. Our clients love these narrow dog showers for washing off muddy Wellies and sandy feet, too.

Commercial-Dog Washing Station

Back Construction

Even if you install a commercial-grade dog washing station like your groomer uses, your dog wash doesn’t have to look institutional – choose tile and fixtures that compliment the rest of your home. The MDI team says this is a great spot for whimsical dog-themed art and accessories. I would like to add that this is also a great place for a large treat jar.

Outdoor Dog Washing Station

TR Building Remodeling

If you don’t have room for a dog wash indoors, you can easily make one outdoors. Have your plumber add hot and cold water lines and install a spray hose about two feet off the ground (where the foot wash is). If you already have an outdoor shower for rinsing off after the beach, your plumber can just add a hot water line. Then, make sure the path from the shower to the door is stone or tile so you don’t end up with muddy footprints in the house!

At-home dog washes mean fewer trips to the groomer and more time having fun. See you at the beach!