Award-Winning Design for a Singular Space

October 17, 2014

Among two other awards, we received an Honorable Mention for design for a singular space at the ASID conference a few weeks ago. MDI received the recognition specifically for the work we did on a home at Turtle Beach, Kiawah Island.

We faced a large, open living, dining, and kitchen area with an aim to make it a fun and beach-y space. It was important for the rooms to flow with one another, plus this singular space needed to be functional as a place for kids as well as adults.

Our biggest challenge was hiding a return-air vent. Our solution was to have a table custom-made to effectively obscure it. We addressed the blackout curtain needs per the island regulations in order to protect the sea turtle population. This is one of the most adorable design concerns we can think of! We managed to soften the space by repeating floor-to-ceiling blackout-lined draperies throughout the home.

Have a look at some of the details below, and keep your eyes peeled for specifics on our third award in next week’s post!

color repetition
Repetition of color and texture in the space provided a soothing atmosphere. The usage of round elements throughout the space allowed for improved traffic flow as well as forming relationships within the space.


clean modern chairs
The clean, modern lines of the pair of chairs provide a linear element while the height of the arc lamp relates to the taller elements in the space.
Custom Console Table
The custom-designed-and-fabricated console table balances effortlessly against the moldings while providing a welcome distraction from and masking of the return air vent within this singular space.


Dining table and chairs
The warm woods of the dining table and the texture of the caning plays a balancing act with the light floors and many upholstery pieces. The chairs were selected for their comfort as the family will spend hours building puzzles and playing board games around the table.


Natural Wood Kitchen Island
The crisp cabinetry provides storage for the kitchen which is outfitted for creating 5-star meals. The wood of the island and the dark barstools form grounding contrast with the otherwise light and bright room.


Chevron Fabric Chairs
A small nook space is utilized as a quiet reading corner. The chevron woven fabric complements the stripes, geometrics and florals used in the main living space.