Bedroom Furniture- Beds

August 23, 2013

Bedroom furniture is not what it used to be. The image above is a perfect example! Gone are the days of the matching suite that included bed, bedside tables and dresser. Interior designers now bring the high style and blending of furniture to the bedroom. To get you thinking outside the traditional 4 walled bedroom, take a look at these beds. They are about as far from boring bedroom furniture as you can get!

A whimsical bed that could be fun in the turquoise or more serious in a lacquered navy.

Teepee-Margaret Donaldson Interiors

This teepee would make an ingenious spot for a child’s nap.  Perhaps it is not the most practical nap spot but when designing for children, there needs to be some inner imagination thrown in.

Spool Bed- Margaret Donaldson Interiors

A pair of these spool beds would make for a great guest bedroom.  While the spool bed has been around for ages, this bed by Justin Camlin is a refreshing take on tradition.

Moroccan Bed- Margaret Donaldson Interiors

A Moroccan inspired bed can add a global feel to any bedroom.  Paired with modern furniture, the bed takes on a completely different personality than if you paired it with some rich, antiques.  We love pieces that are versatile!

Upholstered Bed Wall- Margaret Donaldson Interiors

This Hickory Chair interpretation of an upholstered headboards adds upholstered panels to include the bedside tables.  In a solid linen, it is rich and sophisticated.  In a lively print or a colored leather, it is a statement.

What’s your bedroom personality?  Your bedroom furniture says a lot about you.  So take a minute this weekend to think…is your bedroom the last room in your house that you have yet to do.  We often times tell ourselves that it can wait because no one sees it.  But YOU see it.  Everyday.  We can’t help but suggest that the perfect master bedroom will make your days happier.