Best Bunk Rooms

June 26, 2020

Bunk rooms are big news right now! There’s nothing better than the weeks or weekends that extended family and far-flung friends make time to get together at the beach house. Lazy days full of kids, grandkids, dogs, friends, and friends’ dogs make some of life’s best memories.

Multi-purpose bedrooms are an efficient way to accommodate a crowd. Not only do bunk rooms have a nostalgic summer camp vibe, they’re an opportunity to express personality and add storage.

Come along on a tour of some of our favorite design projects:

Sophisticated Beach

This room belongs to a tranquil family retreat in the Royal Beach neighborhood of Kiawah Island. We designed the interiors to have peaceful tones and textures with lots of custom furniture made from reclaimed wood. This rooms has four bunk beds large enough to sleep adults when needed. Under-bed storage is perfect for extra linens and kids’ games.  Linens with traditional ticking stripes give this room a bit of a nostalgic feel without sacrificing the organic aesthetic.

Kiawah Family Home

The owners of this Kiawah home have a large extended family and they love nothing more than to gather at the beach. This bunk room sleeps up to 13 people! The beds are large enough for adults, and each has a bit of shelter for privacy. Custom stairs resemble companionway steps on a sailboat and add to the subtle nautical feel of the room. Beds have lots of storage beneath for guest linens, books, toys and games.

Island Lifestyle

A fun, colorful home needs a fun bunk house. This bunk room gives the owner’s kids a place to have friends stay over. Wrap-around shiplap and porthole style lights make this bright room feel like a ship stateroom. Drawers underneath are a must for storage.

Family and friends seem more important than ever, and a bunk room can help you spend more time together comfortably.

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