Chihuly in Atlanta

October 4, 2016
Margaret is obsessed with American glass sculptor Dale Chihuly. Today she writes about why she loves his work and her recent trip to Atlanta where she got up close and personal with a special piece…

“My obsession with Dale Chihuly began in 2000 when my husband Rob and I saw his installation “Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem” in 2000. You can see some of those extraordinary photos here. Chihuly creates large-scale blown glass installations that are incredibly moving. I  can’t imagine how he can blow the glass in such intricate and delicate shapes…and his use of color is astounding!
I saw Chihuly’s work again on our 30th anniversary trip to Alaska. Rob and I and our three sons were in Seattle for a couple of days and we made them go to the Chihuly museum thee. They went kicking and screaming, but were totally awed by it all. He has that effect on people.
Then, a couple of weeks ago, Rob and I were in  Atlanta for a wedding and we excited to learn there was a Chihuly at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  We decided to tour the Chihuly at Night exhibit which was like nothing I have ever seen!
img_3412 img_3418
 I can’t wait to see where his work will pop up next.”