Commercial Design: A Living Wall

June 18, 2013

You may recall that we mentioned the living wall from our hotel in Chicago. We were truly captured by the feature. The green aesthetic emanates through the space. It encourages people to stop and interact. It divides spaces.

Commercial Design: Living Wall Profile

Overall, it is a powerful use of commercial design. And of design in general for that matter. Wouldn’t this be spectacular as a dividing wall in a modern design? When we arrived at NeoCon, we set out to find lots of great commercial products but we also had this one on our specific list. We found it!!

Commercial Living Wall Company-MDI

They can be a custom sized or there are some ready made sizes that are more suitable for residential design applications.

Commercial Living Wall- MDI

Living Wall- MDI

Living Wall- MDI

What do you think? Would like to bring the outdoors into your home?