Cozy Spaces for the Season

December 11, 2023

As the temperatures start to drop, we’re finding ourselves moving indoors searching for cozy spaces. From color and lighting to texture and materials, so much goes into creating restful interiors that are comfortable, warm, and inviting. 

In this blog post, we’re celebrating cozy spaces that invite you to unwind in comfort and style. Whether you’re looking to completely redesign your home or just update a space to make it a bit more inviting for the colder weather, we hope that these projects provide just the inspiration you need!

Bedroom Fireplaces

Does anything say “warm and cozy” better than an indoor fireplace? How about a fireplace conveniently built in to the primary bedroom? We’re daydreaming about curling up next to one of these bedroom fireplaces with a book on a cold, rainy day!

The light teals and creams help to brighten up the master bedroom of this Coastal Dream Home.

The velvet bedding and high arching windows add a perfect touch of cozy drama to this Lowcountry Lodge bedroom.

Indoor Porches

Luckily, in the Lowcountry, colder weather doesn’t have to mean running inside, closing all the windows, and locking ourselves in. We still have plenty of sunny days ahead, and they deserve to be enjoyed! These indoor porches bring a bit of the outside in, and vice versa. On a sunny day, they offer plenty of natural light. On a rainy day, they provide a warm, protected space to watch the storm.

This Kiawah Living home has a porch bed swing that would be perfect for lounging with a homemade cocktail and a cozy throw!

Cozy Living Rooms

You don’t need to completely refigure your living room to turn it into a comfortable haven. Lighting, mirrors, texture, and sofa selection can all completely transform a room when used correctly. The soft materials and layered textures in these living rooms are ideal for lounging around with loved ones.

We love how the mirrors and soft neutrals automatically create a balance between upscale luxury and comfortable relaxation in this Downtown Dockside condominium. 

Reading Nooks

Cozy reading nooks are every book lover’s dream! Whether you prefer to get lost in a dramatic romance or you find yourself reaching for some historical nonfiction, escaping into a book in a cozy reading nook is a great way to pass these colder days.

We love the touch of color in this Island Oasis book nook! You can find more of this Kiawah home in Charleston Style & Design.

For more cozy interior inspiration, be sure to check out our portfolio.