Creative Inspiration from Scott Antique Market

October 18, 2016
We all know Margaret never misses a chance to for creative inspiration, no matter where she travels. Recently she found time during a wedding weekend in Atlanta to visit Scott Antique Market, and to visit the Egyptian ballroom at the Fox Theater. Here’s here trip report:

“Recently Rob and I went to Atlanta for a wedding, and the wedding happened to coincide with the the Scott Antique Market, so we went a day early to take advantage of the Thursday shopping (early birds).  Rob, loves the thrill of the hunt and is a great help when it comes to loading and packing!

I hadn’t been to the Scott Antique Market in about 15 years, so I really didn’t know what to expect.  Now that we have expanded our office space, I can better accommodate some found items in my front room, so I thought I would give it a try.  Here are some of the treasures we found:
Child’s vest from Afghanistan…
Indian spice box…
Traditional prayer chair…
Hand painted wooden serving bowl from Afghanistan…
Pair of French painted tables, with original paint, Circa 1900’s
Hand painted bowls from Afghanistan, would look great grouped on a wall…
We found so many wonderful things that I had to ride back to the hotel with things on my feet and on my lap. Luckily, my son was in town for the wedding too and I got to transfer a few things to his car so I didn’t have to ride home to Charleston on the roof!
We’re working on tab on our website called “Found Items” where you’ll be able to shop for some of these one-of-a-kind wonders. Stay tuned!

To top off a wonderful weekend, and my creative deep dive, we got to attend a party at the beautiful Egyptian Room at the Fox Theater. Wow!


(Photo by Fox Theater)