Croghan’s + MDI = An Amazing Upper Room

November 16, 2012

For us, this relationship really began on the storied streets of Charleston, SC. Margaret, Elizabeth (our MDI numbers cruncher), Mariana and Rhett all grew up together, spending their days amongst the cobblestone streets and single houses of Charleston. It was only fitting that Croghan’s would give MDI a call to help them create an exclusive upper room so that clients might peruse potential purchases privately. Or, where Croghan’s might entertain guests for special showings such as Wednesday’s Temple St. Clair event. MDI couldn’t help but stop by for the lunchtime viewing to enjoy the new space and to set our eyes on the Temple St. Clair sparklers.

Margaret Donaldson
Mariana Hay and Margaret
Margaret and Caroline
Margaret with friend and client, Caroline Rhodes of the Charleston Angler
Margaret, Temple St. Clair and Helen Hill of Charleston CVB

The vision for the upper room was to use luxurious fabrics that would elude to the jewels being displayed. Margaret and Delta selected velvets, silks and satins in a variety of colorways: platinum, pewter, champagne, gold and silver. And don’t forget the crystal chandelier. The idea being that the room would compliment the exquisite jewelry. Did we succeed? In the words of one event attendant, “How special I felt in such elegant surroundings (satin draperies, crystal chandelier, velvet sofa, etc.), almost like I wanted to continue to feel that way so why not with jewelry?!”  This space’s furnishings, fabrics and fixtures are essential in evoking the desired response from the interactions that occur within the space’s walls. The space helps to facilitate the shopping experience. Much is the same for your home; do you ever think of what tone your home is setting?

But don’t take our word for it…take a look at some quick snapshots we were able to sneak in between the champagne sips and trying on of jewelry…(the images don’t begin to do the  upper room justice).

Croghan's Jewel Box
Beautiful pewter draperies, Manuel Canovas embroidered fabric on the pillows….
Luxurious swags with jabots adorn some of the windows…again, the pewter fabric is trimmed with a coordinating pewter tassel with bead.  Don’t miss the chandelier that is popping in the top right corner of the frame!

Now, let’s talk jewels!

A display of Temple St. Clair pieces
More jewels, jewels everywhere…
What a unique display piece!
Gold pieces with stone accents….much like a pair of draperies with some trim to set them off…

Temple St. Clair’s collections are more beautiful in person than you can imagine. Her styles appeal to such a diverse group of women. Each of us at MDI has our own look and we each found something that we would be happy to find under the Christmas tree. A girl can dream, right?

Delta’s dream pick, the 18k Athena Owl Cut Out Bracelet with Diamonds…what a stunning take on a more traditional cut out, lace design! The owls are subtle and endearing.

Athena Owl Cut Out Bracelet

Alexis’ dream pick…the 18k Classic Locket Ring with Peridot and Diamond…striking in its own right with a secret sentimentality…

Classic Locket Ring

Classic Locket Ring

The rest of us were too busy socializing to narrow in on just one favorite but if anyone’s asking, we wouldn’t turn down a single piece.

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