Crypton: A New Performance Fabric for Charleston Living

July 12, 2018

A Charleston home and the next generation of performance fabric is a match made in heaven. You might remember the earlier versions of ultra-durable fabrics: Scratchy, stiff, and not at all nice to touch. However, they were a necessary evil in industrial office spaces, hospitals, and beach rentals. Lucky for us Lowcountry dwellers, things have drastically changed.

Modern performance textiles are even more durable than their older cousins, but they are so advanced that it’s virtually impossible to tell them from regular fabrics. One of the materials we love for Lowcountry living is Crypton.

Crypton fabric repels stains, is extremely easy to clean, is odor resistant, and abrasion resistant. It also won’t mold or mildew. That means if you have dogs, children, renters, houseguests, or any unique situation where your upholstery takes a beating – you’re going to love Crypton.

Use it inside as your primary seating and don’t worry about sandy dogs, wet kids, or enthusiastic adults with full glasses of red wine. Because it doesn’t mold or mildew, it’s perfect for beach and marsh houses, both inside and out.

Crypton is the only fabric on the market that can be disinfected, so if you have a particular situation (babies, young or old dogs, aging or sick family members), everyone can be comfortable together without having to worry about upholstery. (William Wegman even teamed up with Crypton to create Crypton Super Fabric for and pet-friendly homes.)

Even though Crypton is high-tech, it’s also Indoor Air Quality Certified, so it’s not going to off-gas anything toxic.

The best part is this fabric is lovely to touch and comes in over 20,000 patterns. Fabric “hand” or feel ranges from linen to velvet to suede and chenille. We used Crypton “Romo” velvet at Bishop Gadsden to rave reviews from the residents.

You can recover your existing furniture with Crypton, or you can order custom sectionals, chairs, and sofas.

If you’re ready to furnish or refurnish your Charleston home, Crypton can make life at the beach even more relaxed.