Day 2: An Inspiration for the Season

March 6, 2013

Today, we’ve got the Osborne and Little Spring Collection including Osborne and Little and Lorca.

“Osborne & Little is one of the worlds leading names in fabric and wallpaper design. Cherishing its reputation for innovation and quality, it has grown into one of the great British brands, globally renowned and respected.”

This season, O&L takes us to the ancient Persia and Greece!  For the Persian Garden Collection,  “the glamour and mystery of ancient Persia is evoked in these designs of embroidered linens, printed cottons, woven silks and companion wallpapers.”

Osborne and Little
This embroidered linen reflects the phenomenal attention to detail and the artistry with which fabrics are made.
Osborne and Little
Persian Garden wallpaper and fabric mix with the “stylish and durable upholstery collections of the season.” The contemporary palette ensures that the collections feel fresh and in vogue.
Osborne and Little
We LOVE, LOVE a good outdoor fabric collection. Between using outdoor fabrics outdoors and using them indoors for their durablity and clean ability, these blues and whites “conjure up the light and sun of the Greek islands.”

Case and point! Doesn’t this make you want to pick up your passport and go?

Greek Island
image via NJ Charters
Osborne and Little Sheers
We end up using sheers in most of our projects. Like you put a frame on a picture, window treatments shape up a room and give it some boundaries. For a room with a view, sheers panels are the perfect way to soften the hard lines of your windows and to draw your eyes to the window and beyond.
Outdoor Fabric
It may not have the Grecian influence of crisp blue and white but these outdoor fabrics still make us want to put on a wide brim sunhat and put an umbrella in our drink.

Next, moving on to the Lorca Collection. “The Parisian studio, Lorca, is renowned for its elegant and luxurious aesthetic, and ravishing color palette…Many designs of Lorca draw inspiration from nature and the rich heritage of textiles to be found in Asia and the Far East.” This season, however, the inspiration is drawn from this side of the world: Louisiane (the French spelling of Louisiana) and Amerindia (the indigenous peoples of the Americas).

Named after the indigenous peoples of the Americas this collection of woven fabrics is inspired by the artistry of Native American tribes. The colours included in the palette are terracotta, stone, saffron, burnt orange, black, cassis, airforce blue, ivory and sage.

Lorca Amerindia
These dense wovens provide such rich visual weight.
Lorca Amerindia
Color, color, color….

Louisiane is a collection of printed cottons and woven fabrics named after “the former French colony in North America named in honour of Louis XIV. The elegant patterns are coloured in LORCA’s light and airy palette to create a feeling of informality; colours include fuchsia, sky-blue, burnt orange, lavender and lime.”

Lorca Louisiane
A restyled floral wallpaper and traditional print fabric are updated with the refreshing color fuchsia.
Coral Lorca Wallpaper
Lorca’s take on coral…
Lorca Black and White
Ever a classic, this black and white colorway of Louisiane is sharp and welcome contrast to color. Not to mention that any color would pop off the black and white in a moment!

What do you think of this season?  Any favorites?  Be sure to let us know if anything strikes your fancy and we’ll be happy to help you incorporate it into your home.