Designer Spotlight: Designs Inspired by Antoni Gaudi

August 5, 2014

We love this great legend. The work of Spanish artist and architect Antoni Gaudi is fascinating to say the least. So we’d like to dedicate this post to paying homage to him. Let’s look some of his work plus designs inspired by Antoni Gaudi.

Our favorite: The Sagrada Familia

To sit at the feet of the great Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is a spine-tingling wonder. It fantastically encompasses his passions of both religion as well as architecture:

From ceramics to wrought ironwork to stained glass, Gaudi honed his craftsmanship in many skills, incorporating that art into his designs.

His architecture introduced new techniques and showcased his love of neo-Gothic and Oriental art.

The designer not only joined the modernist movement but transcended it with his visionary, mind-bending work.

Gaudi is nicknamed God’s Architect due to his penchant for paying homage to his Catholic faith by adding religious images to his designs. With a passion also for landscaping, Gaudi’s love of nature in all its forms can be clearly seen in much of his work. In the below example from Segrada Familia, the pillars symbolize trees reaching for the ceiling.

Though he died nearly a century ago, Gaudi’s obvious influences can still be seen everywhere today, like in the following designs we adore. We think you’ll love them, too.

Bathroom by Capizzi: 

Sink by Don Foote

Duraee Fabric:

A cool home in Santa Barbara

Arteriors Light:


What’s your favorite design by Gaudi?