Recently we’ve been introducing you to some of the most important members of our team: our designing dogs. The MDI design studio is dog-friendly, so we bring our furry family members to work whenever we can. Not only do we enjoy having them around, they help us test the latest pet-friendly fabrics and rugs.

designing dog

Today we’d like you to meet Jeanne’s dog, Tenley. Tenley is a six-year-old Borador, which is a mix of Border Collie and Labrador Retriever. Jeanne rescued Tenley from the Phoenix Rising Border Collie Rescue last summer.

“She loves walks and going to the barn,” Jeanne says. “Her dream is to chase squirrels but she is still a flight risk.” Border Collies are a highly intelligent, hardworking breed developed in Scotland to herd sheep. They are obedient, friendly, affectionate, and are known for having almost boundless energy. (In Scotland, working Border Collies sometimes run 50 miles a day.)

Jeanne says that as a rescue, Tenley is slowly working through her fear of strangers.  “MDI has been a great place for Tenley to meet kind and friendly people” she says. “It has been such fun to take my dog to work.  I have to say that under my desk at MDI has been a happy place for Tenley.  Everybody loves the MDI dog team-almost as much as they love the design team!”

Welcome to the team, Tenley! We appreciate your hard-working spirit.