Designing Dogs: Meet Folly

July 10, 2019

If you follow our social media posts you know we love dogs. We enjoy helping our clients make their homes a haven for their furry friends, and our design studio is dog friendly, too. In fact, if you’re visiting us you may get to meet Folly, one of the newest members of the MDI Designing dogs crew.

Folly is a young English Cream Golden Retriever that belongs to design assistant, Anna Robertson. She is a rescue, and is now very happy to have a forever home. Anna says she wasn’t planning on getting a dog when she heard about Folly, but she couldn’t stop thinking about her. Anna says adopting her is the best decision she’s ever made.

Folly is sweet loving, laid back, submissive, playful and loyal. Anna says she loves long walks on the beach, naps, playing, rolling over for belly rubs, sniffing everything, snuggling, chasing squirrels, car rides with the window down, being with her humans, watching TV, and playing with her toys.

During the workday at MDI, she sleeps most of the time. When she is awake, she likes getting attention and love from our vendors, clients, and her favorite deliverymen. She loves frolicking around the office checking everything out and checking in on everyone!

Folly was quickly taken in by the other office dogs, and she has fun having lunch with everyone – mostly having to do with our peanut butter Kong bone ritual!

 Congrats to Anna – and Folly – on finding each other. We’re so glad to have Folly as a part of our pack.