4 Reasons to Design with Sunbrella

March 5, 2015

Late last year, MDI had the pleasure of attending Sunbrella’s Perspective New York event, where designers from all over were challenged to design an entire space with Sunbrella fabric. As a result, we witnessed a lot of creativity put to use as talented designers played around with Sunbrella’s wide range of fabric in various patterns, colors, and textures. We all quickly found out how flexible, diverse, and durable Sunbrella can be. As Margaret is seen discussing here in an interview with Editor at Large, there are several great reasons to design with Sunbrella fabric. Check out the interview with Margaret and other designers here:

So, who is your furniture safe from with Sunbrella?


Lately it’s been rainy and muddy in Charleston, and no fabric-covered piece of furniture is safe from the dirty paws of our furry best friends, unless it’s dressed in Sunbrella. Now you don’t have to fret about putting blankets on the sofa whenever you leave the house, and you can simply let your pets be.


Speaking of, Sunbella’s great for letting your kids simply be as well. No mess or spill is too much for Sunbrella’s cleanable, practical fabric. Sunbrella prides itself on being the place where design meets function, and we agree. With its wide range of vibrant and playful patterns to choose from, there are plenty of ways to beautifully brighten up a child’s room while also ensuring you’re decorating with materials that have longevity, will not fade, and can let you lead a more worry-free life. Wouldn’t that be nice?

People Who Drink Red Wine

Sunbrella is so confident in their stain-resistant product, they even make totally white fabric. We know from experience that no lover of red wine wants to go anywhere near white sofas, chairs, and such, but fortunately there’s now a safe way to decorate how you please. And you can have guests over without the only-white-wine rule!

People Who Need a Break

This pretty much covers everyone right? The stress and fear of imminent spills and more can be erased for good if you’re using Sunbrella. Whether you’re a single person who loves a social gathering or two, someone with a big family and dogs, or simply a person who doesn’t even trust yourself from clumsily making a mess, remember there’s a solution to that with Sunbrella!

What part of your house could use a little Sunbrella?