Dining Room Tables + Charleston Wine + Food

March 3, 2017

A sure sign of spring is the Charleston Wine + Food Festival. Wine and food bring people together, and some of our happiest memories are made sharing a meal with family and friends. Plus, we just love food. And wine.

In honor of one our favorite events of the year, we’re paying tribute to the place where it all happens: The dining room table.

In our Modern Sullivan’s Island project, the dining room table is the best seat in the house. Large enough to seat 10, but cozy enough to seat two at one end, this gorgeous table is the site of many happy meals.

With breathtaking views of the marsh, everyone lingers over dinner in this Kiawah Island home. We especially love the warm tones and living edge of this magnificent table. Why yes, we would love another glass of wine.

In our Casual Creekside project, this gorgeous pedestal dining table has a secret super power: It expands to an oval table that can seat up to eight. We love the coziness of this open-plan dining room – and, check out the built-in wine and wet bar within arm’s reach.

The dining table in our Cassique Cottage project is a wonderful farmhouse trestle table that can seat up to eight. The mix of dark and light wood is in line with mixed materials throughout the home.

Cassique LR

The round dining table in our Cozy Mountain Townhouse is perfectly positioned to enjoy the stunning scenery outside. Cheerfully upholstered dining chairs add color and pattern to help define the space.

With wrap-around windows and nothing to detract from the view, the dining table in this Royal Beach home demands that everyone turn off their phones and enjoy a meal the old fashioned way.

Whether you’re visiting Wine + Food events this weekend or just relaxing around your own dining room table, we hope you take time to enjoy a good meal with good friends. Cheers!