Hi. Abby here, Margaret’s Golden Retriever. The team is out doing an install today so I thought I’d help them out by writing about a very important topic: Dog-friendly duvets. You might be surprised to learn that dogs are allowed on the bed in the homes of some of the best interior designers in Charleston. That’s right, all of the dogs at MDI are considered part of the family. Sometimes we’re even considered employees, though I don’t think we make enough cookies for all of the hard work we do. I mean, Delta depends on me to help her pick throws and that’s just not something you wing. It takes expertise.

Using my expertise all day makes me sleepy. When we get home at night, I can’t wait to get in bed. I have heard that there are people who don’t let their dogs sleep in bed with them, but I just can’t believe it. Science actually shows people sleep better when they let their dogs pile in. So what you need is a dog-friendly duvet cover that can stand up to frequent washings. Lots of our clients have pets that are people too, so we help them find fabrics and finishes that keep everybody happy. Dog-friendly duvet covers can be just as pretty as they are durable. They’re probably cat-friendly too, but science hasn’t studied sleeping with cats so I don’t know if I’d let them in bed with you. They can be shifty if you ask me. Anyway, here are some of our favorites:

Rough Linen

We love Rough Linen because they make the perfect weight linen sheets and coverlets for Charleston heat. Linen is perfect for Lowcountry houses because it doesn’t mold or mildew. It also looks nice wrinkled, so it fits nicely with casual beach house interiors. Rough Linen sheets, coverlets, and duvet covers just get softer as you wash them, so they are wonderfully dog-friendly. In winter, stuff a lightweight cotton comforter inside your duvet cover. In summer, use the duvet cover empty as a coverlet.

Crane & Canopy

Crane & Canopy make duvet covers that have interior ties so the comforter inside stays put. In their Classic duvet covers, there is a hidden zipper at the bottom so your duvet always lays flat. We really love their innovative Nova duvet covers. These covers have a two-toned design that looks like a flat sheet folded down over a duvet. It looks like you have perfectly layered bedding, but it’s all one unit. Brilliant! This helps you make the bed faster so you can throw the ball more times before you go to work. Crane & Canopy duvet covers are durable, washable, and come in lots of nice patterns and colors.

The Company Store

The Company Store makes washable duvet covers that are colorful and come in fun prints that are wonderful for kids’ rooms, bunkrooms, and guest rooms. Their fabrics are made to last for decades, are wrinkle-free, and are eco-friendly. Some of their designs are oversized and meant to cover extra-deep mattresses.

Remember, Science says you’ll sleep better if you let your dog in bed with you. That’s almost like a doctor’s order.

I like seeing pictures of your dogs, so find MDI on Facebook and share. Sweet dreams!