Dog Friendly Fabric Recommendations

Hi, I’m Abby. My job at Margaret Donaldson Interiors is to greet people, test pet-friendly fabrics and make sure no snacks fall on the floor.

Dog Friendly Fabrics

A frequent topic of conversation around the office is dog-friendly fabrics, so I have learned a thing or two about pet- friendly upholstery over the years. Almost everybody in our office has a dog, so we canines got together to give you our recommendations for the best washable fabrics for pets.

Please meet the MDI panel of experts:

From top: Snoop, Magnolia, me and my friend Tiller, Sumpter, Sista and Senior Luis

Let’s talk about our favorite subject: Dog-friendly sofas. We conducted a scientific poll that revealed that every dog in the entire world prefers sleeping on the sofa instead of the floor. You can’t argue with science. One of our favorite ways to make sofas and chairs shareable with furry family members is to use Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella has come a long way in the last few years – it’s not just for patios anymore. Sunbrella’s new fabrics can be used indoors or outdoors and are as cleanable and durable as ever. We love using this fabric in homes where small, sticky humans and clumsy party guests are potential threats to the pristine beauty of the furniture. (Senor Luis would like me to point out that it’s not always the dog’s fault.)

Also, in the South we like to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, a trend of which we canines heartily approve. Using Sunbrella fabrics makes it easy to coordinate and move furniture from room to room when needed.

Now, most people think that dogs are color blind, but that’s not true. We actually favor colors that compliment our neutral fur palette.

Here are some of our favorite Sunbrella colors and patterns:

Sunbrella Fabrics

Senor Luis: “I like ‘Parrot’ because it reminds me of a bird I once knew who ran around yelling ‘Holy Cow Frieda! There’s someone at the door!’”

Sumpter: “Without my inky black fur, ‘Spa’ would just float away. A dark pelt really anchors this ethereal color.”

Magnolia: “‘Hot Pink’ with caramel brown me? I’m overcome. I must lie down.”

Snoop: “I like the energy of ‘Fretwork Cameo’, especially coordinated with a stripe and a solid. Très Haute.”

Sista: “’Lemon’, paws down.”

Tiller: “Whatever color I’m sleeping on is my favorite color.”

Abby: “‘Gateway Blush’. It’s the inside of a conch shell, the color of the harbor, fresh shrimp and sweet tea. All the colors of home.”

While Sunbrella is a great choice, cotton canvas slipcovers are also easy for our humans to toss in the washer. For those of you who are cat owners…WHY? Just kidding. Our cat-loving clients also like microfiber because cat fur just wipes right off. That’s important because we all know you can’t tell a cat where to sleep.

At MDI, we love pets. If you’ve got a great picture of your furry friend napping on the furniture or romping on the beach, share it with us on Facebook!