Family-Friendly Spaces

July 17, 2023

The home serves as a sanctuary where busy families can come together and make memories. Family-friendly spaces allow the adults, children, and even pets to connect, unwind, and get the most out of their time together. At MDI, we pride ourselves on balancing your personal aesthetic and style with the practicality of family life.

See how we cater to every member of the family with some of our favorite gathering spaces!

Media Rooms

Media Rooms provide a fun and relaxed space for family members of all ages to come together and bond. Whether you’re fierce competition on the pool table, or you prefer to just hang out and observe, these media rooms have something for everyone!

The earthy tones and natural light from the large windows give this Vacation Renovation media room an outdoorsy feel.

The large sectional in this Coastal Chic media room allows plenty of space for everyone in the family to get together, even the spectators!

Prefer sit-down games? Gather around the table for a couple friendly rounds of poker (or board games)!

This wet bar and pool table combo give the feel of being out on the town, without ever leaving the house.

Bunk Rooms

Bunk rooms are designed to accommodate larger groups than traditional bedrooms, especially when they provide additional storage! While the functionality of bunk rooms can’t be denied, the true magic is in the togetherness. For children from larger families, there is truly nothing quite like gathering with friends and cousins and making memories. 

The table and additional seating make this bunk room a suitable hangout spot for all the kids in the house.

Bunk Room

We love the playful teals and greens in this Waterside Oasis bunk room! The reading nooks in each bunk provide additional functionality.

For a more sophisticated crowd, stick to neutrals, add some additional storage, and include space to charge electronics in each bunk.

Outdoor Family Spaces

Charleston’s naturally warm climate allows for outdoor hangouts almost year-round. Many of our clients enjoy outdoor spaces designed for the whole family. Check out some of our favorites below!

Designing liveable and practical spaces is at the heart of what we do. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our portfolio page!