Favorite Bedrooms

December 20, 2016

Now that the holidays are almost behind us, it’s time to think about a nice, long rest. To inspire you, here are some of our favorite bedrooms: master-bedrooms-surfsong

Call us sentimental, but this cozy bedroom in our Surfsong Beach project brings back wonderful beach house memories. Though it’s new construction, the ship lap walls, warm wood floors and sea grass rugs evoke a simpler time. This might be the ultimate place for a nap.


Speaking of naps, we don’t know if it’s the soft linen or the casual feeling of the worn headboard, but this Cassique Cottage bedroom is the epitome of peaceful. This beautiful space is a perfect reminder that sometimes less is more.


Natural light and a barrel vaulted sleeping nook are the centerpiece of this gorgeous bedroom in Royal Beach. Soft color, crisp whites, rich woodworking and honey brown wood floors are the perfect recipe for a dreamy place to recharge.


Perhaps one of our favorite bedrooms of all time, this retreat at a home in The Preserve on Kiawah Island demands a good book and a quiet afternoon to go with that soft throw. Buttery yellows combine with muted raspberry to bring together a cozy space full of natural light and inviting nooks.