From rug to cornice design and wall detail…Margaret on the job

February 19, 2013

Have you ever wondered how we get to the final result?  Where did that drapery detail come from?  How did we decide to put that particular pattern on the wall?  For this Historic Downtown Charleston residence, Margaret decided to pull the valance shape from the rug’s design.  We snapped some photos of Margaret last week while on the job site to determine the exact pattern.  Just sit back, relax and watch the magic unfold.

Measuring the Rug

Margaret begins by working with Gloria to determine the width of the valance and where to begin tracing the pattern. When we approach a design element such as window treatments, we think about how to make the finished product truly unique to our client, their furnishings and their space. In this instance, it only took a bit more time and energy to make these valances 100% custom for our client. These little nuances are details that one might not pick up on at first glance but they are the nuances that make you say “wow” when you walk into a room.

Client with Margaret

The client pops over to render an opinion. Walton, our fabulous installer, supervises from the back.

Making the Template

Gloria begins by tracing the rug pattern onto tracing paper. We decide to start with the curved repeat.

Cutting the Template

Walton…shouldn’t you be working harder? Gloria lays her traced template over the lining and begins to cut the template.

Cutting Out The Valance Template

Gloria is the most trusted of all with a pair of scissors. She is the one who cuts into the fabric, too. While we all work together to place the pattern repeat, Gloria is bold enough to cut.

Valance template

All cut out and pinned up to the window…option 1 for the valance is the scalloped pattern from the rug.

Second Valance Option

Now, it’s time to try the alternate design from the rug…the more pointed Moroccan feeling design. Gloria is pointing out why this pattern will fall nicely on the valance.

Option 2 for the valance

Option 2 for the valance is a bit sharper and more striking. We have a winner!

Wow…that’s a lot for one day. But, we’re not finished yet. MDI always tries to coordinate appointments so that we can be as efficient and productive as possible. While Gloria and Walton were busy templating the valance, Margaret was coordinating with Suzanne Allen of Wall Candy on some plaster samples for the walls.  Suzanne and Margaret have collaborated for years on faux finishing walls, ceilings, chandeliers, furniture…you name it, they’ve done it!

Suzanne Allen, faux finisher

Margaret and Suzanne working on plaster samples.

Client looking at plaster samples

The client takes a look and likes what Margaret and Suzanne have worked out.

Suzanne explaining faux finishes

Suzanne takes a moment to discuss her technique with our client. Suzanne has a wonderful way about her and we love working with her. She is both fun and talented.  Whew! That was a productive appointment. We can’t wait to share the finished product with you. In the meantime, we’ll be busily working on other great projects to share.