From This To That…

November 30, 2012

Take notice of the creative use of ironwork in the guest bedroom of our Cassique Cottage project. Delta set out to find to find twin headboards and came back with these two demilune pieces of ironwork. Next, the iron went home with Margaret for some TLC. It arrived back to the office in this wonderfully textured green.

When the client decided to switch up the room, we offered to take back the iron piece…they were just too great to let go and we knew they would find another purpose! So, here is what we sent to a client recently.

The vision is to place this over a neutral sofa that is flanked by red side tables…The idea is to paint the square red and to paint the ironwork dark brown/black so that the red comes through the ironwork…great alternative to yet another piece of art. There you have it…MDI thinking outside of the box…twice!