How to Go to Market: Our High Point adventure and interior design discoveries

May 1, 2014

Four Interior Designers Went to Market

A couple of weeks ago, my MDI colleagues and I ventured up to neighboring North Carolina to attend the High Point Market—the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world. There, we discovered countless remarkable pieces that caught our eye for one reason or another. Whether it was the nostalgia that a familiar-looking lamp summoned or a specific color that reminded us of a palette we’re working with back home, there were so many reasons to stop and take notice of the inventive products before us. Many decorative discoveries were made, and it was an invaluable experience that our customers will no doubt benefit from. The only problem was: how do we make sense of all of we learned? We can’t take it all home, as much as we’d love to.

Once back in Charleston, we four decided to narrow down our individual favorites. What was initially overwhelming was more manageable because we’d followed some simple steps throughout the trip. Remember these next time you’re out shopping, too:

1. Take lots of pictures
2. Make good notes
3. Have each friend/member of the team make a top-three list of favorite products/vendors
4. Combine the lists and compare them. Each shopper has a different eye for design, and each viewpoint will have something valuable to offer.

And the winners are…

We’re thrilled to share with you our Top 3s, highlighting the products/vendors that made the biggest impressions on myself, Alexis, Elisabeth, and Delta. Enjoy! —Margaret Donaldson

Alexis’ Top 3:

  1.  Club Wine Table, Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman
    Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman creates upscale casegoods and upholstery for designers, and I particularly fell for this timeless table that could work in lots of different settings. It could fit in the smallest of spaces or anywhere at all.
  2. Eaton Chest, Easton Mirror and Charleston Lamp, Oomph
    Turquoise and tassels: two of my favorite things
  3. Twin Beds, Hickory Chair

    Impossible to find, fully upholstered twin beds. Unlimited finish and fabric combos make these suitable for almost anyone. Classic shape and design.

    hickory chair twin beds

Delta’s Top 3:

  1. Vogue Magazine Covers, Soicher-Marin

    I saw these for a client that needs to fill a wall at a beach cottage. Picking the covers that relate to the sea created a fun wall full of color and interest. I love that covers from years ago still relate to how we live today (except the bathing caps!)

  2. Alabaster LampCurrey and Company

    My parents had old alabaster lamps in their living room, which happened to be one of their first purchases as a couple. They still have them, and they are as beautiful today as when they were purchased. Timeless and elegant. They can go in almost any setting!

  3. Butterflies, Natural Curiosities

    Bring a smile to the room. Love the color and impact!

Elisabeth’s Top 3:

  1. Cubes, Harden

    Fun, alternative to benches at the foot of the bed.  Nice graphic pop with the black-and-white inlay work.

  2. Tavern table, Thomas and Gray

    Clean, classic, traditional dining table. Love the wood and iron together as well as the detail in the wood inlay in the top. Versatility in the two sizes (66″L vs 90″L)

  3. Fairwater PendantsCurrey and Company 

    A nice nod to the Japanese fishing floats that were once used to keep nets afloat as they fished. Having multiple sizes also adds to the versatility of the piece.

Margaret’s Top 3:

  1. Czech glassSkLO Studio

    The use of this type of wall décor instead of a picture or painting, struck me as wonderfully unique.

  2. Wooden wall decor, Palecek

    Another alternative to picture/painting for the wall is this sort of decorative piece of folk or rustic art, perfect for any style decor from southwestern simplicity to country cottage.
  3. Girl Art, Spicher and CompanyThis is so cool! I found this striking as it appeals to several unique and quirky personalities that would gel well together or separately. Particularly great for lovers of fashion and/or nostalgia.

What home decor piece caught your eye the last time you shopped?