Home Office Design

August 23, 2019

Did you know nearly 5% of Americans – 8 million people – work from home? At MDI, we love designing home offices because they give us a chance to combine functionality, organization, efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics. In other words, we really get to flex our muscles!  Here are some of our favorite home offices:

home office

Oceanside Luxury

This sleek shared home office gives each of the homeowners their own space, plus a large desk for working together. Custom built-in cabinets keep office essentials tucked away, and luxurious, understated desk chairs give the room a peaceful, classic vibe.

Refined Retreat

In a home nestled on the Kiawah River, this office was designed to take advantage of the verdant views. We split the door on this room, so the homeowner’s furry friends have a quiet place to chill when their family is out.

Relaxed River View

This office proves your working space doesn’t have to be big to be functional. We carved a nook out of the kitchen for a small office that features a handsome built-in desk and supply cabinet. The best part of this niche is that the view might even make you look forward to going to work.

Kiawah Classic

Designed for a home on Kiawah Island, this masculine office takes advantage of the beautiful scenery outside. We lined the walls with custom floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and cabinets for abundant storage and added comfy seating for visitors.  

Modern Sullivan’s Island

These homeowners requested a shared home office. His semi-circular wood desk has strong lines and a warm tone that contrasts the crisp white, black, and blue-grey tones in the room. Her desk is elegant and sleek with more than enough room to spread out. A gas fireplace takes the chill off winter workdays.

Rhetts Bluff

This lovely Kiawah home got an extra-functional shared home office and reading room. The desk is contemporary with sharp lines and a bit of shine. We added a plush leather club chair for catching up on the news and lined the opposite wall with floor-to-celling with bookshelves.

Classic Cassique

Offices don’t have to be all work and no play. In this lovely Kiawah home, her office is designed to be a getaway for watching TV, reading, and catching up on correspondence. This graceful study features a desk, a wall of built-ins, a sitting area, fireplace, and plenty of style.

Surfsong Beach

This is a cozy shared office space with a built-in desk big enough for two. The light-filled corner of the upstairs landing is the perfect place to work, do homework, or hang out together.

Need inspiration for your home office? Check out some of our recent designs and give us a call if you’d like help creating a beautiful space in which to spend your workday.