How to Go Green with Your Home Decor

September 16, 2014

The organic movement is in full force, and we are behind it wholeheartedly. What better way to decorate your home than in a way that’s free of chemicals and in favor of the planet?

Want to know a few ways we believe you can incorporate environmentally friendly options when designing your space? From furniture to fabrics to mattresses, here’s how to go green with your home decor.

Holland and Sherry
What began as a wool merchant in London over 170 years ago is now a flourishing world-renowned maker of fine cloths and fabrics, and they’re also good news to green decorators. The company is known for using raw materials and hand-crafted techniques, ensuring that its fabric is not only high-quality but also free of modern chemicals you don’t want your kids or pets living with.

Weitzner and Pollack
With their green design line, Weitzner and Pollack takes pride in producing a collection of sustainable fabrics. The line is full of recycled and rapidly renewable fabrics, and they’re mindful that the materials they’re recycling are also chemical free. The company goes to great lengths to ensure even its recycled materials do no contain toxins, making it safe enough to cushion a baby.

Living room with Pollack fabrics

Ferrel-Mittman has a sustainable luxury furniture line called Pure, and it is one of our favorites. From wooden mid-century modern-style sideboards to leather zebra-print benches, the fashions mingle between classically understated and adventurous. The company views sustainability as a long-term initiative to reduce its impact on the environment and “to make the home a safer, cleaner place.” It’s a meaningful statement that goes a long ways with MDI and many of our eco-friendly customers.

Sleeping Organic
Have you tried organic mattresses? The difference is instantly noticeable and so much better without all the chemicals and fire retardants that are typically used.  From the exterior to the interior, and even to the zipper, all materials used by this company are totally organic and safe. And our other favorite part about Sleeping Organic? It’s a Charleston company! Located close-by in Mount Pleasant, they proudly ensure that their customers are sleeping in fabrics that are 100 percent organic latex, wool, and cotton.

What kinds of green changes would you like to make in your home decor?