Inside the Photograph

January 4, 2013

Have you ever wondered if there is anything special in that beautiful portfolio image? If we could sit you down and talk you through an image, what might we point out? You asked and here we are to deliver.  A few images from the website and what we would point out….

The above image, the master bedroom from the Cassique Cottage project features a pair of twin headboards that have been pulled together to create a king headboard. The ability to utilize them as twins or as a king really gave our clients supreme flexibility should they ever decide to redo the master or even to switch houses on Kiawah.

The Preserve, Master Bedroom
The Preserve Master Bedroom

For this master bedroom on Kiawah, we concealed the TV and components within the chest at the foot of the bed. With the push of a button, the TV pops up and can be swiveled to allow viewing from bed or from the pair of chairs on the opposite side of the room. Additionally, the bedside tables were made to be the perfect height for the bed, to provide a niche for books, etc. so that the lamps could have room on top and drawers for any extra items that one might keep in the bedside table. Sizing and function are everything for a bedside table.

Window Seat

This fabric is indoor/outdoor so that our clients didn’t have to worry about wet bath suits coming in from the beach or pool.

Cassique Cottage

Another shot from the Cassique Cottage….the niche was designed for a specific piece of furniture from the previous owner. Not wanting to draw too much attention to the space and not finding a piece to such unique dimension, we brainstormed this shelf installation. It is subtle yet effective.

Cassique Cottage Living Room

Cypress Point

From a project at Cypress Point…the chest under the windows are a great place to throw bed pillows. This helps to keep the room tidy even at night.

That does it for now. Hopefully, this will help you to think twice when you are looking at all the interiors out there. Not just a pretty picture…interior designers are certainly more than just colors and placement. Well, we are all off to enjoy the weekend. See you next week!