Inside these walls…1557 Meeting Street

October 31, 2012

To take a page from the website, “In this business, you might say that you’re as good as the company you keep. We love the company we keep. The furniture maker, the upholsterer, the wallpaper hanger, the faux finisher, the delivery crew, the reps”…the list could go on. I’m sure that you’ll meet them all along the way but for now, here is a peak behind the scenes of our office here at 1557 Meeting Street. For those of you who are new to MDI, we spent the past 7 years over on Gadsden Street and just made the move up here a couple of months ago. With the evolution of Charleston interior design’s landscape, being downtown has taken on a new meaning. We are still settling in but so far, we love our new hood uptown. Don’t be too critical. We are still a work in progress both inside and out. Hopefully, you will see a space filled with potential and an abundance of design resources just waiting for the next client to walk through the doors.

Hanging Fabrics
Wall of hanging fabric samples….this is just one of the many walls of fabrics.  The green garden set has actually just found a good home.
Hanging Finish Samples
Some of the finish samples for our furniture lines
Fabric Books
Room filled with color books and pattern books
Fabric Books Hanging
Print books line the halls, hanging on an art gallery system.


Wall of Hanging Chairs
Some inspirations boards, our bookcases filled with furniture, accessory, rug books, etc….
Front Seating Area
The front seating area/inventory storage/a place to showcase new things


Just imagine the possibilities!  And this is only the beginning….