Interior Design Accessories- Charleston, SC

August 7, 2013

The big picture or foundation of the home is absolutely the core of the design. But just like the perfect dessert or side can make a meal, the interior design accessories finish off a design. They can even go so far as to change the tone of the design to make it more serious or more whimsical. Here are some accessories that we have been crushing on lately. The vintage bathing suits above remind us that art does not have to be oil or watercolor. A framed collection, a wall of plates…think outside the box before you hang just one more painting.

Even your china says something about your personality and your home. These are some fun ones!

Interior Design Accessories-MDI

Interior Design Accessories- MDI

How unique….each piece is a different home layout…

Decorative lighting is another essential element of our design process. Most of the time, Margaret Donaldson Interiors incorporates lighting into the scheme once the furnishings have been selected.  Although, sometimes, there is a fixture that we work a room around. Some clients come to us when they are ready for an update; lighting is a great place to achieve an updated interior design.

Adding sconces to a room changes not only the feel and design of the room but adds lighting ambiance. MDI likes to give clients numerous lighting options from overhead to wall lighting to lamplight. This creates the opportunity for the perfect lighting combination for any time of the day.

Interior Design Sconce- MDI

What is more suited to accent a Charleston, SC interior design than oyster accents?

Oyster Lamp- MDI

Oyster Accents- MDI

We are also enjoying the trend of incorporating animals into interior design accessories.

Elephant Lamp- MDI

This little silver elephant is equally suited as an interior design accessory in a nursery or on more traditional bookcase or tabletop.

Elephant Accessory-MDI

There you have it!  Some accessory ideas to get you thinking.  Accessories are to your house like jewelry is to your outfit….a must!  Later in the week, we will feature some out of the box bed ideas.