Interior Design Trends 2017

March 14, 2017

Interior design trends are taking a definite turn in 2017. Some tried-and-true elements that have anchored décor for nearly a decade are on their way out, making room for fresh, new interior expression.


Mixing Past & Present

At MDI, we’ve been ahead of this trend for years. Most of our Charleston and Kiawah Island clients have a lovely mix of heirlooms and antiques that they want to blend with contemporary furnishings and art. Margaret’s own house is one of our favorite examples of how the past and present can be beautifully combined. Don’t feel like you have to keep to one period in your home – 2017 trends give you permission to create your own unique spaces.

Smaller Furniture

Space is a premium in most Charleston homes, and oversized furniture takes up too much real estate. Look for more visually interesting, compact furnishings in this year’s design, and see if you’re inspired to make a little more room in your own house.

Custom Panels

Appliances that disappear behind custom-made panels make kitchens look sleek and streamlined.


Quartz Counters

Granite is also disappearing from kitchens as engineered quartz and marble takes its place. Quartz and quartzite are more durable than granite and marble lends an old-world elegance to modern design.

Original Art

Personalized, lived-in spaces are the benchmark for 2017 design trends. That means art prints are out and original art is in. This is a great year to start your own art collection or add a few new special pieces.