Isle of Palms Interior Design Tour

August 23, 2016

The incredible architectural work takes the lead in this project that features traditional Isle of Palms interior design. A neutral palette allows the structural elements to stand out. From tile to wood detailing, nothing fell short of making each space exceptional.

With three levels of outdoor living facing the Atlantic Ocean and views from every window, this was the perfect opportunity to indulge in unique island interior design.


The Isle of Palms has a long history as a vacation spot, as well as a place for locals to have a second weekend or family home on the beach. However, in 1989 the island was nearly wiped off the map by Hurricane Hugo. As a result, the Isle of Palms interior design aesthetic is a mix of traditional and contemporary.


The incredible woodwork begins in the rear entry, with a barrel-vaulted ceiling and decorative paneling and molding.


The entry has two built-in shelving walls that are perfect for displaying sea treasures (and giving the home an immediate sense of place). Notice the arches at the top of the units mirror the rounded entryway.


In the kitchen, the clean, neutral color palette lets the view shine. The wood top on the white island warms up the space and is an unusual twist on the two-tone cabinet trend.


Vaulted arches and expert craftsmanship continue in the master bedroom. Traditional furniture contrasts the contemporary adjoining porch.