Kiawah Interior Designer Featured in Business of Home

November 28, 2023
Business of Home

Margaret Donaldson of MDI Interior Design was recently featured in a fantastic Business of Home article focused on minimizing waste. Established in 2009, Business of Home is a leading source of inspiration for professionals in the home industry. 

The article discusses how to gracefully part with furniture that no longer fits a client’s vision or space, without causing unnecessary waste. A photo from our Dreamy Daniel Island project graces the header of the article. 

In a world where trends come and go and many houses are bought furnished, Margaret provides advice on what to do with furniture that no longer aligns with a client’s taste or needs. The key takeaway? Rather than discarding it, consider passing it on through sustainable avenues such as consignment shops or donating to Habitat for Humanity. 

Donating unwanted items gives the clients a sense of helping out the community, knowing the pieces will be acquired for a nominal price and will be useful to someone else. – Margaret

We’re honored to see Margaret featured in such a meaningful article, and thrilled to be part of the conversation of sustainable design. Whether you’re a current homeowner looking to refresh your space or a future homeowner seeking inspiration, be sure to check out our portfolio for more Charleston and Kiawah Island Interior Design projects.