Last Round of Charleston Interior Design in Atlanta!

August 1, 2013

Here we go! Final round of Atlanta finds. Charleston Interior Design is as global as a plane ride or a car trip or the internet for that matter. While we love and cherish our local resources, we strive for an awareness of all that is out there. This philosophy allows us to bring truly the best and most unique selections into the MDI studio and then into our clients’ homes. A lot of what we enjoyed were creative takes on wall decor.  Take a look for yourself…

This chandelier could be used indoors or outdoors. Or both! With its tubular vases, this piece is sure to add punch to any party.

Floral Decor-MDI

These glass balls take the place of art and become a more interactive and energetic wall installation.

Glass Wall Art- MDI

Some more cool wall art options.  Wouldn’t these be great running up a stairwell?

Wall Art- MDI

What a fun way to bring some green into a design!  We are certain that we could find some fillers over at Abide-A-While  in Mt. Pleasant.

Living Wall Art- MDI

A series of propellors would be great for our client out on Kiawah whose husband is a pilot!  When hanging a collection, it is important to get the grouping and the scale right.

Nautical Wall- MDI

Porcelain orchids would add life and color to any wall!  And you wouldn’t have to worry with keeping them alive.

Flower Wall Art

These pieces just pop off the wall.

Silver Wall Art- MDI

On the docket for next week are some new takes on the traditional lantern.  Also a piece on wall sconces….when and why to chose a wall sconce.  So come back to for some tips.  Whether you’re in the Charleston Interior Design reach or somewhere else, we hope to share something useful.