Margaret Donaldson Featured on Chaddock Blog

March 2, 2018

Chaddock is an American furniture designer and manufacturer headquartered in Morganton, North Carolina. The company is well known for their customizable furniture designed by notables such as Larry Laslo, Mary McDonald and David Easton. They are perfectionists, and it shows in the quality of their work. (We’ll tell you more about that in our next blog post about the MDI team field trip to the factory.)

Recently, Chaddock interviewed Margaret for their blog. When we saw the title, “Margaret Donaldson Makes Room for Life”, we knew they’d captured the essence of what drives her as a designer, and what makes Margaret Donaldson Interiors the best interior designer in Charleston, SC. Margaret’s design philosophy is that it’s easy to make things pretty, it’s harder to make things pretty and functional for real life – and for a good life. That’s her specialty, and it’s how she’s designed her own home in the Old Villiage.

Margaret is a master at making room for a good life. Read Chaddock’s blog to learn more about her, including the biggest risk she ever took (it’s a good one!), her secret for getting to know clients, and what she loves to bring home from her travels.