Margaret Talks Kiawah Interior Design

July 5, 2015
Kiawah Interior Design, Cassique Style

Looking for Kiawah interior design ideas? Check out this article in Charleston Style & Design to learn how Margaret Donaldson Interiors worked with architect Wayne Windham and builder Scott Koenig to bring a client’s dream to life. Such a beautiful house!

In the late 19th century, Victorian architecture, with its emphasis on the grandeur of the past, gave way to the Arts and Crafts style, a movement that rebelled against industrialization and mass production. The new style put a premium on good design, traditional building methods and the use of local materials. Furthermore, during this era, the finished product was as important as the happiness and fulfillment of the craftsman.

Today, the idea of placing a value on the satisfaction of a craftsman is almost unthinkable. And it’s a shame. What if all of the people involved in building a home lovingly went about their work every day? Wouldn’t the care that went into its creation radiate from the house on a quantum level? At the very least, the quality of the work would reflect the pride and care invested by its craftsmen.

This lovely, but lost, concept has recently been revived and carried out by a very special team of people, in a very special house, in a very special neighborhood.

Cassique is a tranquil Kiawah Island Club community located at the point where the Kiawah River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

When the homeowners approached Windham, they had specific requests for the home’s function, interior flow and aesthetic. Windham then had to design to those specifications, making sure the architecture conformed to the neighborhood’s required Arts and Crafts style. “The homeowners requested a his-and-her master bath, his-and-her offices, and a kitchen and dining room that could accommodate their large extended family,” Windham says.

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