Margaret Visits Chicago and the World of Whirlpool

September 1, 2015

This week Margaret is in Chicago at World of Whirlpool enjoying a first look at new Whirlpool innovations courtesy of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Galleries. At the World of Whirlpool on LaSalle, she’s learning about new technology including Jenn-Air, new food preservation appliances, specialty coffee and steam equipment and incredible new cooking surfaces. We asked her to send us texts when she got excited about something – here’s what we’ve got so far:

swash whirlpool


Swash is a steamer that removes odors and wrinkles. This seriously cuts down on dry cleaning bills! Plus I love Whirlpool’s new vent-less dryer. No more struggling to hide those big dryer hoses.”

coffee maker whirlpool

“Some exciting new coffee machines coming out. These are a coffee lover’s dream – they can make so many different types of coffee!”

Whirlpool oven

“New wall oven coming out in November is amazing. It has a culinary setting that allows you to choose what type of food you are cooking, and how you would like it cooked. The picture on the digital screen shows a picture of the meat cooked that way, and then you can pick your pan and it will tell you what rack to put it on and gives you cooking instructions. Oh, it also has WiFi so you can control it from your smartphone. Preheat on the way home! Wow!”

fridge whirlpool

“New refrigerators have a black interior called Obsideon. Wait until you see this.”

She’s finding Windy City style inspiration everywhere she looks – from restaurants in historic buildings to the Whirlpool headquarters with its famous clock tower. For more on Margaret’s trip to Chicago, check out our Facebook page.


orchids clocktower