Hi, it’s Abby, Margaret’s Golden Retriever and unofficial mascot at MDI. Sometimes when the team is out with a client, I help with the blog. I know, I know…dogs can’t type. I hear that a lot from our readers. Obviously I can’t type, but there’s nothing stopping me from using dictation software. Hello? I’m a problem solver.

Anyway, guess what? Even though I’m the unofficial mascot of the office, I’m now officially a celebrity. That’s right – Houzz called and was like “We love Abby. Tell us everything. Can we have a paw print?” It didn’t go exactly like that, but you get it. So they wrote a blog post about me titled “No Work Day is Complete Without Abby”. I think that’s a really catchy title.

In our interview they asked me about what I was like as a puppy (stinking cute), what I like to do for fun (nap and sit on the porch with my family), and what a typical workday is like for me (greeting people and making sure Delta doesn’t get too wild mixing florals and stripes.)

I needed to check up on a sketchy looking squirrel after a while, so Margaret finished up the interview. She talked about what kinds of fabrics she likes for sofas if you have a dog, and what she likes if you have a cat (not that I’m judging, but seriously – why?). She gave away some other trade secrets too so you should read it.

The blog also features a retrospective of my life (so far) in photos, which I thought was a classy touch. You can send fan mail and gifts of peanut butter right to the MDI office care of me, Abby: Unofficial mascot and official celebrity.