MDIs Favorite Houseplants

October 22, 2017

Houseplants are enjoying a massive resurgence in interior design, and rightly so.

Houseplants can bring a dull corner to life, add energy to vignettes, clean the air, and add elegance. Our favorite place to find indoor houseplants in Charleston is Abide-A-While nursery in Mount Pleasant, and not just because it’s run by Margaret’s brother and sister-in-law! Abide-A-While is such a peaceful place to browse; it’s worth a stop even if you’re not shopping for plants. Here are our favorite indoor houseplants:

Fiddle Leaf Fig

One of Delta’s favorite decorative plants, the fiddle leaf fig is tall and visually interesting. The large leaves are a lovely relief against neutral interiors, and are easily maintained once acclimated. These plants need plenty of bright, filtered light and well-drained soil to thrive. This dramatic plant requires some attention, and repotting about once a year, but the showy leaves and height in are worth the effort.

Air Plants

If you need an easier plant than the fiddle leaf fig, air plants are the answer. After all, they don’t even need soil to grow or bloom. Tuck a tiny air plant in a shell for a tabletop arrangement, or use a larger one in a terrarium or hanging vase for an unexpected dash of texture and life. Air plants do need water to survive indoors, but a quick spritz with water every few days will do the trick.


At MDI, we love ferns of every shape and size. From welcoming visitors on the front porch to brightening up corners in the living room, ferns bring a gracious, nostalgic, feeling to any room. (Check out the classic sword or maidenhair fern for their wonderfully shaped leaves.) Ferns aren’t hard to grow – but they do want to be out of direct sunlight and have damp, but not wet, soil. A little attention every week will keep your ferns going for years.


Airy and elegant, orchids bring an exotic energy to any space. Small orchids are the icing on tabletop vignettes while large orchids can take up more visual space without needing much else around them. Contrary to popular belief, orchids are easy to maintain. Keep your orchids in bright, filtered light and water “weekly weakly” (as they say) with orchid food.

Orchid food comes in small tubs of powder; just keep a small bottle mixed up to make watering quick and easy. Orchids will maintain their flowers for weeks or months. When the flowers drop, cut the stem back to the last “knuckle” and place in a bright, filtered light area so the plant can rest. With proper fertilizing, the plant will send new shoots and flower again quickly. Orchids love fall and winter weather in Charleston because they like cool nights (to 50 degrees) and warm, humid days. If you have a shady porch, your orchids can thrive outside nearly all year.