Meet Abigail Carr Botero

May 14, 2020

We’d like to introduce you to Abigail Carr Botero, MDI’s Design Assistant,  Design Librarian, and Office Assistant. Abigail was born in Locust, North Carolina, a small town east of Charlotte. When Abigail says “small town” she means it. There were “a whopping 4 stop lights in the whole city,” she says.

Like most young designers, Abigail was constantly rearranging and painting her room growing up. She says that anytime her family was driving through neighborhoods she’d comment on what she’d change about all the houses.

Abigail went to Anderson University in South Carolina and graduated with a BA in Interior Design. Her husband is from Mount Pleasant and came back for grad school at MUSC to become a Physical Therapist, and she happily relocated to Charleston.

Here’s what she said we asked her what she loved about the industry. “I love the creativity! Not only that, I love that interior designers equally combine functionality and aesthetics. I’ve had people ask which is more important – function or looks and I think it is our job to combine the two so that you have a beautiful, functional space.”

One of her favorite things about working at MDI are when we sit down to lunch together with all of the dogs running around. She describes her style as “cozy and inviting.”

We’re glad you and Benji are part of the team, Abigail!