Meet Designing Dog Charlie

March 11, 2021

Today we’re excited to introduce you to Charlie, a new member of our Designing Dog family. Charlie is a mini Goldendoodle that belongs to our controller, Courtney Grafmeyer. Mini Goldendoodles are a cross of Golden Retriever and miniature poodle. Mini Goldendoodles have extremely gentle temperaments, are social and hypoallergenic.

Charlie is three years old, and Courtney has had him since he was nine weeks old. Most days, he comes to work at MDI, but when he’s not at work, he loves to go to the beach, play with his toys, and snuggle with his family. In other words, Charlie is the perfect dog.

Though he weighs just 18 pounds, he has a big dog personality and is quite a quirky little guy.  Courtney says he loves dental chews and will wait until the family looks the other way before he dashes off to hide them in another room under pillows or furniture. “He always remembers where he hid it and ends up going back for it, whether it’s days, weeks, or months later,” Courtney says.

Charlie loves to walk and often lays down in a “stealth” position when he sees a new dog walking towards him. “He stays still, with his eyes locked, and waits for the other dog to come to him before he eventually jumps up to sniff them,” she says.

It’s no secret that we love our furry family members at MDI, and we love designing interiors to accommodate our clients’ pets. We’re also a dog-friendly office, so you’re sure to be greeted by one of our designing dogs when you visit.

We’re happy to have Charlie as part of the team.