Meet Designing Dog Willow!

May 17, 2018

It’s no secret that Margaret Donaldson Interiors loves dogs. Did you know that more than half the households in Charleston, SC have at least one dog?

Willow is a Chocolate Labradoodle who owns Alex, one of our lead designers. Labradoodles are a combination of Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle. The Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia first made this cross in an endeavor to develop hypoallergenic guide dogs. Willow is an excellent guide dog; she will guide you right to the cookie jar. Labradoodles are also extremely smart, sociable, and don’t shed much.

“She thinks she’s human,” Alex says. “She loves attention, is very sweet, and loves to meet our clients when they visit the studio.” At eight months old, Willow is already MDIs professional greeter. She especially loves the daily visit from her friend, the UPS man.

Willow happily exchanges high-fives for treats, and she enjoys having peanut butter bones with her other dog friends while the team eats lunch together. “Willow especially loves Elizabeth Hassell,” Alex says. “She’s the dog whisperer.” (Elizabeth is also a generous treat-giver.) Willow is adept at helping pick out dog-friendly fabrics, and prefers lighter neutrals, which provide a nice contrast for her chocolaty brown fur.

If you’re coming by the studio to brainstorm with the designers, chances are Willow will greet you at the door. We couldn’t imagine a warmer welcome. If you’re a dog lover, follow us on Instagram to see more photos of Willow and the other MDI designing dogs.