Meet Lily Cannon

July 9, 2020

Please meet Lily Cannon, Lead Designer at MDI. Born and raised in Charleston, Lily spent a few years as a Psychology major at USC in Columbia, then moved back to Charleston to earn a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Charleston.

Lily has bee in the industry a little over two years, her favorite thing is developing a relationship with clients. “My Aunt and I are very close and she has been an interior designer for many years,” Lily says. “I always really enjoyed watching her work even when she was going through design school, so I think she provided me with a lot of inspiration.”

Lily is very lighthearted on the MDI team. She is always happy to help and assist with other projects when needed. “I love learning from and collaborating with my co-workers as often as possible,” she says. “I love all of the various interactions, and the fact that it’s always something or someone new every single day.  I also love getting to know my clients and their families. Usually being from Charleston, it can be quick to make connections and that is always fun as well.”

At MDI, Lily’s favorite thing is her co-workers, especially the furry, four-legged ones.  “We are constantly sharing a lot of laughs and are always having a good time. We’re all extremely dedicated to our trade and love what we do, which makes it a great office to be a part of.”

When Lily isn’t working, she likes having a glass of wine and cooking dinner with her mom. Her favorite local restaurant is Leon’s Oyster Shop and her favorite store for interiors is Celadon.

We love having you on the team, Lily!