Our Charleston Design: Rutledge House for Global Studies

September 11, 2014

After 18 months of our hard work in designing the interior of 179 Rutledge Avenue, it’s finally finished! We’re excited to show you the photographs of Ashley Hall School’s new Rutledge House for Global Studies. We took these photos at the opening so you could have a look into our Charleston design:

Built in the 19th century, the former home is incredibly historical — which is why it was such an honor to work on it. We often feel very lucky to have the chance to do interiors for so many stunning Charleston buildings.

We learned so many things, like that its bathroom was the very first indoor bathroom ever installed in Charleston. How cool is that?

It was important in our interior design to work around the architectural beauty, using minimalist color schemes along with decor that wasn’t too elaborate.We wanted the result to be elegant without taking away from the original aesthetics of the house itself.

It was amazing to work with the original design of the building, which was a nice mix of eras — from antebellum Italianate to Victorian.

The historical Charleston home is that the expansive first floor still features its original chandeliers, mantels, ceiling stenciling, shutters, plaster work, and more.

This is me with Joe Schmidt, the architect who was able to preserve the historical elements of the house while also transforming it into a dorm/classroom student center.

Here, I’m with Anne Pope and Ann Dibble, who headed up getting donations for the furnishings from alumnae.

We couldn’t be more proud of the result! What’s your favorite old downtown Charleston building?